Leonard Lang of Physician Coaching Services has been a wonderful resource for Allina and specifically United Hospital for many years as a coach, facilitator, and program evaluator—all with excellent results.

Recently, I chose him to assess a cutting-edge hospital program that had undergone major leadership and staffing changes. The changes had led to dissension, uncertainty about the direction of the program, and difficulty integrating new and existing staff. He developed a thoughtful process that insured all the key individuals and groups were accurately represented in the report. I heard a number of times how thorough Leonard's interviews were and how well he understood participant's concerns.

Leonard synthesized all the information into a clear presentation that helped everyone understand each other and get on board with what had to be done. Specifically, Leonard's 7 leverage points for change provided concrete and do-able recommendations that we've been implementing. As a result, we're seeing better morale, greater teamwork and communication, and a more focused vision for the program.

Leonard was very committed to the project and responsive to our needs. He was a quick study, and it was a pleasure to collaborate with him. Anyone with a need for his services would be doing themselves a favor by talking with him. Even an initial conversation is likely to bring useful perspectives to challenges in program effectiveness, bringing people together, communication, or physician leadership.

Alison Peterson, M.D.
Vice President Medical Affairs, United Hospital​​​

eonard Lang has been an extremely helpful resource for our hospital when we have a physician struggling with leadership, work relationships, conflict, or disruptive behavior.

When other attempts have failed, Dr. Lang has succeeded. Working with very strong personalities, Dr. Lang has a deft touch that encourages people to see their actions more clearly and make the changes they need. He understands how to assess situations and apply on-target solutions.

For instance, one program's staff had split its loyalties between two leaders, damaging morale. The two leaders rarely agreed on who should be performing which leadership roles. I wondered if both could continue in their current positions.

After others had tried unsuccessfully to overcome this conflict, we asked Dr. Lang to step in. After working with him, the leaders learned to appreciate and understand each other's perspectives and styles. They stopped jumping to negative conclusions about each other. They work effectively together now and model good interpersonal dynamics to the entire department. Everyone is relieved and pleased.

I'd strongly recommend Dr. Lang to anyone wanting help for ending disruptive behavior, improving group dynamics, clarifying roles and vision, and creating more effective and responsible leaders.

Kenneth D. Holmen, M.D.
Chief Medical Officer,
Vice President of Medical Affairs & Vice President of Business Development & Physician Strategies
Regions Hospital

I've had the pleasure of working with Leonard Lang for many years and have always found I can count on him to solve even the most difficult physician communication, leadership or work relationship problems.

For example, because of his coaching work, I've scrapped the psychological counseling we had used for disruptive physicians in favor of Leonard's innovative approach for one simple reason: His method works.

He effectively and quickly assesses problems and is able to work with a range of physicians on their most pressing challenges.

Thanks to his assessment process, a number of United's medical directors were able to understand the destructive impact of small things they were doing as leaders. More important, though coaching, he helped them develop simple changes that led to dramatic improvements in work performance and job satisfaction. One of the directors reported that she even found renewed happiness in working with patients thanks to new communication tools

Another physician had become hopeless about ever dealing successfully with a few colleagues after years of conflict, but was able to find new hope and results after working with Leonard on conflict resolution protocols.

Leonard is also an experienced trainer and facilitator. When we've run his leadership and communication programs, 100% of the physician attendees reported on evaluations that they learned tools and concepts of immediate practical value.

For solutions for disruptive physicians as well as support for physician leadership, group dynamics, and conflict resolution, I'm delighted to recommend Dr. Lang.

Daniel Foley, M.D.
Former VPMA, United Hospital

ercy Hospital has had the privilege of working with Leonard Lang to resolve some very difficult physician issues. I would highly recommend his services.

....[At one time] Mercy Hospitalists were dysfunctional and not very engaged. Through Leonard's effective skills, the hospitalists developed a strategic plan that outlined their goals, process, and gave them a sense of value. Since Leonard's intervention, the Mercy Hospitalists are engaged and highly productive.

Leonard his highly skilled in working with physicians and helping them resolve difficult situations. I would highly recommend him.

Bill Maurer, RN, MS
Director, Physician Support, Mercy Hospital

I was given Leonard Lang’s contact information during a particularly trying time in my professional career. I had no idea what a professional coach was. He guided me through the next few months of that difficult time, helping me to process what happened and to see what was important for moving ahead. He assisted me in developing my communication skills for better workplace satisfaction and taught me healthy stress management.

​​His insight has been invaluable to me. I highly recommend his services to any physician who may want or need professional coaching. I am also happy to talk to anyone personally about my coaching experience with him.

Dennis R Hartung, MD, OB/GYN

I really looked forward to my coaching sessions with Leonard Lang. He showed me the keys to managing the occasionally difficult hospital and clinic setting communications. The sessions were tailored to my individual needs so the end result was that I came away with the tools I needed to be successful in my practice. The last step was a retrospective look at my old methods versus my new successful communications. The difference was simply amazing.

J.M., M.D.

I found the coaching sessions with Dr. Lang immensely helpful especially regarding interactions with my colleagues. As a physician, I've spent a career communicating and thought I knew how to do it. I now believe that my skills dealing with patients were vastly better than those dealing with my fellow medical professionals. I think any medical professional would profit from the skills Dr Lang teaches, but especially those who have administrative responsibility for other medical professionals. I only wish I had taken his program at the outset of my job and that a number of my fellow medical administrators would do so now.

Irving J. Lerner, M.D.
Medical Director, Oncology Services, United Hospital

My sessions with Leonard helped me to refocus my professional and personal goals so that I could have a more balanced life.

He gave me strategies to approach challenging problem in my practice and personal life. These strategies were helpful in growing my practice and starting to shape it in a way that coincided with my professional and personal goals.

J.A, M.D.

I admit that initially I was apprehensive about working with Physician Coaching Services.  However Dr. Lang's supportive style and surprisingly simple but effective advice was  easy to implement and provided prompt rewards. 

I unconditionally recommend his service--IT WORKS!

R. Shir, M.D.

I contacted Leonard Lang for help after hearing about his work with another physician because I was feeling overwhelmed, stressed and not enjoying my work as much as I had. As a result, I also wasn’t communicating as I wanted to with staff, letting my frustrations show. By going through his one-on-one coaching program, I learned and started using new practical tools that helped me manage my stress. I also implemented communication strategies that made things go more smoothly and improve my work relationships that had been deteriorating. During the program, I also had new insights that helped me recognize and alleviate the underlying cause of much of my frustration. I’m enjoying work more and am very glad I sought out his services. I’d highly recommend Leonard to anyone wanting help dealing with stress and communication and relationship issues at work.

Gregory Miller, M.D.

​​​​​​Leonard Lang offers a physician leadership training program that has breadth and depth. His program was effective for my work life in a surprisingly quick way; by doing the exercises I had results far sooner than I would have thought. I highly recommend this program!"

Ted Longinow, M.D.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your help over this past year.

Your coaching and guidance for me in learning techniques and skills to improve my ability to work productively and collaboratively with the medical director has been invaluable. I am able to trust and initiate the difficult conversations rather than avoid them, or wait too long to start them; such as when the setting or emotion is not conducive to an appropriate discussion…..

Candyce Kuehn RN BAN
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